Satellite Internet Throughput What Is Throughput?

Skycasters throughput is huge and world class Satellite Internet throughputtooltip is the total volume of the data that is allowed to be transferred (a sum of both upload and download activity). It is usually measured in gigabytes and calculated on a per month basis. Metered Internet service can be metered on a download, upload or combined basis.

Skycasters provides metered Internet service based on the total amount of data transferred during your monthly billing cycle. Depending on your requirements, we offer standard service plans that include between 1GB and 30GB of total throughput. Larger service plans are available for high usage or multi-site requirements.

You also have the option of purchasing additional satellite Internet throughput as needed or you can select flat rate billing so that periodic usage spikes do not affect your monthly bill.

We recommend that you contact a sales engineer here to help identify your needs. Our engineer will take the time to get to know you and your business, to recommend the right satellite Internet throughput plan for you. Or call 1-800-268-8653 to contact the sales team or 24/7 tech support team directly.

Most satellite Internet companies also enforce a Fair Access Policy or FAP which acts as a bandwidth cap for metered Internet service. A FAP will decrease satellite Internet throughput after a certain amount of data transfers occur (i.e. either the speed at which they can access the data is reduced or they are charged for the additional data downloaded at a per MB basis). This amount is variable and depends upon the provider and ensures that all the subscribers have equal access to the service.

The satellite Internet throughput limitations generally do not apply to users who typically use the service for low bandwidth applications but may be critical to businesses that have bandwidth intensive operations.

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