Turn-Key Solutions And Portable Satellite Internet

Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutionsSkycasters offers two completely self-contained turn-key mobile satellite broadband Internet turn-key solutions: the Skycasters utility trailer and the SkyPortable flyaway system, which can be shipped via common carrier. Both the trailer and the SkyPortable are turn-key solutions ideal for emergency management, disaster recovery communications, special events and more.

Self-contained, packed and ready for shipment, the SkyPortable gives you broadband Internet wherever you need it, whenever you need it. The Skycasters trailer can be towed easily behind most vehicles and is equipped with an onboard generator. Both mobile and portable satellite Internet solution systems can be set up and ready for use in less than 10 minutes.

Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutionsThe SkyPortable turn-key solution can be warehoused when not in use and can be deployed overnight via common carrier. SkyPortable is ideal for federal agencies and state and local governments that need to provide immediate deployment of broadband services for emergency management, law enforcement, oil spills or any type of disaster recovery operation. Constructed with a weather resistant and hardened enclosure, the SkyPortable can be operated in virtually any environment and can be powered by a solar, battery or generator source if conventional power is not available.

Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutionsBoth the trailer and the SkyPortable offer turn-key mobile solutions with simple setup and rapid deployment for establishing two-way broadband data communications in remote areas, or areas where conventional communications have been disrupted. These mobile and portable satellite Internet solutions also find applications in non-emergency situations such as educational activities, broadcasting, oil, gas and mining, or other corporate uses where broadband may be needed on either an urgent or temporary basis.

Certain restrictions of use for our solutions apply. Skycasters vehicle-mounted and portable/transportable systems must be used in accordance with FCC guidelines for “Temporary-Fixed VSAT Two-Way Satellite Earth Stations.”

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