For Two Way Satellite Internet the Difference is Clear

Skycasters is the provider of choice for two way satellite Internet service, also known as two way satellite Internet, supplying high-speed broadband access with unmatched speed and latency-reduction on the most reliable network available.

Since 2001, Skycasters has been setting the industry standard for Internet, voice, data, and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) with the power of our award-winning iDirect® VSAT communications platform developed by VSAT Systems. Because we own our infrastructure, we can provide highly engineered and customized two way satellite communications solutions that are not available from any other provider.

With bandwidth on two premier geostationary satellites — T11N and E113WA — Skycasters’ combined Ku band coverage area provides coverage across the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Other companies sell consumer-grade equipment to commercial users for two way Internet satellite. Not Skycasters. All of our high speed broadband Internet solutions are business-grade and designed specifically for doing business. From our VSAT dishes and multiple uplink antennas at our Akron, Ohio NOC (network operations center) to the modems at customer locations, every component in the Skycasters network is made for business use to give you the most reliable two way satellite broadband available.

It’s A Physics Thing

While we can control our equipment, we cannot control physics, which says that a round trip data transmission from a terrestrial site to a satellite 23,000 miles in space, down to the NOC and back again induces 500 milliseconds of latency—an issue for all satellite companies. But, what sets Skycasters two way solutions apart is that we do not oversubscribe our network like other providers do. We also incorporate core-switching technology into our all-Cisco backbone which further reduces latency on our network to under 700 milliseconds and often under 600 milliseconds to provide unmatched speed for uploading and downloading data on our two way satellite service.

Guaranteed Speeds – Dedicated Bandwidth & QoS Priority

The iDirect® Premium Metered broadband service plans that we offer include Guaranteed Speeds that ensure sufficient bandwidth availability to upload and download data. We also employ Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization that guarantees bandwidth to your most important applications.

VSAT Two Way Solutions

  • Stationary/mobile/portable
  • Telemedicine
  • Business continuity
  • VPNs
  • Video streaming
  • VoIP connection

Unique Solutions For Your Unique Needs

There’s a reason we do not offer online ordering of our products—not everything works well on a two way satellite connection. Let our experienced sales engineers listen to your needs, then guide you through the selection process to find the very best configuration of equipment and service options for your two way Internet over satellite needs.

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